Omolara Quadri's Publications

Quadri, M.O. (2008a). “Their Programs, Our Programs: Poverty Reduction Strategy in Africa” inItibari M. Zulu and A. Aderemi (Eds.) Global Peace Leadership Summit 2007: Africa and the Diaspora. California. African Diaspora Foundation.pp 147-166.

Quadri, M.O. (2008b). “From Administration to Management: The State and Public Sector Performance in Nigeria” in International Review of Politics and Development IRPAD, Vol 6, No 2.

Quadri, M.O. (2010). “Youth and Poverty in Nigeria: Defining an Agenda for Development” in Legislative Practice Review.Nigerian Journal of Law, Practice and Procedure of Legislature. Vol. 2 No.2.pp 62-75.

Akinboye, S.O. and Quadri, M.O. (2011). “Towards Enhancing Grassroots Participatory Democracy for Sustainable Development in Africa.” In Akinboye, S.O. (Ed.) Perspectives in Africa Crises: The Challenges of Socio-Political and Economic Transformation in the 21st Century. Ibadan. Spectrum Books Limited. pp 160-178.

Quadri, M.O. (2013a). Public Health System and Service Delivery in Nigeria: The Policy Initiatives. Journal of Society, Development and Public Health (JSDPH). Vol. 1, Number 4. pp 78-102.

Quadri. M. O. (2015). Africa’s Health Burden: The Role of the Community in Health Care Delivery. The Journal of Pan African Studies, Vol. 8, No. 1.

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Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.
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